Mi Mouse Lite

Brand: Xiaomi

Category: Computer Accessories

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Product details of Mi Mouse Lite

Main Features:

●2.4GHz wireless transmission

With 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, it has a continuous and stable transmission signal. The compact wireless receiver replaces the cumbersome wired connection to create a clean and beautiful work desktop.

●Full grip, strong control

The size of the medium mouse, the palm and the finger naturally fit the mouse, and the button clicks to soothing nature. Left and right symmetrical buttons plus composite middle button wheel, easy to use and easy to use.

●Lightweight body, flexible movement

The overall lightweight design, the mouse doesnot contain battery weight control at 60g, the mobile positioning process is easy to control, long-term use is not easy to fatigue.

●1000DPI precision sensor, stable output

● Low battery prompt

● Receiver built-in

● Teflon foot pad