UiiSii TWS16

৳ 1,299.00

Without a doubt, the TWS16 lines up at the top among the best budget true wireless earbuds in 2020. The clear highs and powerful lows paired up with rich midst result in a truly dynamic sound. With that, the noise reduction technology further works as an icing on the cake.

All in all, we will give these earbuds a sweet rating of 9/10. If you are a person with an active lifestyle, these earbuds are your prime choice. This is primarily due to their water-resistance capabilities along with lightning-fast connectivity. Though we would have given it a 10/10 if the working hours were a little longer. Still, 4 hours of work time with two recharging cycles via the case sound good enough!




Despite being a budget buy, the TWS16 boast a wide range of high-end features that include:


The TWS16 wireless Bluetooth earbuds employ the latest 5.0 Bluetooth chip. Hence, they feature a 2x rate of data transmission as compared to the previous-gen earphones. As a result of this, the connection is not only stable but is much faster. Hence, you can connect them with your phone almost instantly.

With these wireless earphones, you can enjoy unhindered transmission within a working radius of 33 feet (10m). However, as you move beyond this radius, the transmission will not be as clear.

Furthermore, they also come with a hall switch that automatically turns the earbuds on. This connects them automatically to your device, hence smoothening the pairing process for you.



These best budget true wireless earbuds come with an IPX5 water resistance rating. Hence, they are splash and dustproof. So, you could take them out on a rainy day without any hesitation.

Designed for people who live their life on-the-go, these wireless earphones will also resist the workout sweat. So, you can simply wipe the sweat off after a tough workout session and continue enjoying the music.


Another notable feature of the TWS16 budget earphones is the long battery life. While these earbuds may look tiny, they have a work cycle of 4 hours per charge. For this, all credit goes to a high battery capacity for its size, which is 350Mah.

Also, you can use the charging box to recharge the earbuds up to two times. This results in a use-time of 12 hours in a single charge cycle. This simply means that you can enjoy your music and entertain yourself for much longer.

The charging time itself is just 1.5 hours, though. While on the other hand, the standby time is up to 300 hours.


In terms of the fit and design, UiiSii once again takes the lead with these pair of wireless earphones. The box comes with three different earplug sizes, one of which is bound to fit comfortably in your ears. Furthermore, the angled earplugs match the ear’s curvature just perfectly to result in a secure and comfortable fit.


Hence, no matter how much you move, the earbuds will not fall out. Rather, they will feel just like a part of your ears. Such a natural experience is a hallmark of UiiSii earphones, thanks to their high investment in R&D.

Furthermore, the earbuds weigh just 3.8g each. So, if the music is not playing, you may not even feel their presence. That’s how light and compact this pair is.


The TWS16 also features a smart touch capability with a built-in mic. The smart touch control allows users to answer calls, reject calls, and skip to the next/previous song via simple touch gestures. At the same time, the hands-free capabilities work seamlessly with Siri, resulting in a smooth experience.

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