Terms and Conditions

Dear customers, Gadget N Gadget always gives utmost importance to customers. However, in order to improve the quality of customer service, timely and faster, some rules and regulations have to be followed. Respected customers are specially requested to follow the below mentioned rules before buying mobile and computer products from Gadget N Gadget. thank you

All product warranties declared at the time of sale are essentially warranties provided by the product manufacturer. That is, the warranty service of the sold product is mainly carried by the parent company of the particular brand. Each brand is different in terms of warranty service and their terms and conditions are mentioned on their official website. In this regard, the subsidiary Gadget N Gadget is acting as a means of enforcing the warranty service terms of the original brand companies.

The warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer are as follows:

  • 1. Mobile handsets & chargers are warranted for a period defined by the respective manufacturer agent defect in material & workmanship. Gadget & Gear is not giving a warranty and does not hold out any warranty on products sold.
  • 2. Gadget N Gadget will not be responsible for any defective/deficient or otherwise unsatisfactory products any such defective or deficient goods have to be repaired only by the authorized service center of the equipment manufacturer.
  • 3. All the terms and conditions of Gadget N Gadget apply. Goods once sold cannot be returned or exchanged.

In which cases the warranty will not be valid or may be conditional:

  • Removing the Apple Mac Book’s own operating system will void the product’s warranty.

The following is the e-mail address for any warranty related queries or complaints